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the british in the red house
the german man who lives in the green house and drinks coffee and smokes prince owns the fish
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lol, everyone should see a map for the answer 😂
Well the thing is, 2% of the world is still 148,099,536 people approximately, which is still quite a large amount.
How I solved it was buy making separate index cards for each item. 5 different cards for color, 5 different card for drinks, 5 different cards for smokes... etc. Then I reviewed the clues again. I then stapled the cards together that HAD to be together, Like dog and Swedish, Germans and Smoke Princes. I made sure I stapled them so I could see both words. Then I read the clues again and again and again and again. I started put them in five columns.A column for each house. With about 45min and the processes of elimination I figured it out. It was a lot of FUN !!!! Thanks Einstein.

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robert_brown I don't think that any of you solved the problem. Read this again: "The green house is to the left of the white house". That doesn't mean that is near the white house, but to the left of it. So retake this problem. If the green house is in the NEAR LEFT of the white house the problem seems solvable. If not, then.... [:^)]
That's incorrect because it wouldnt only state that the green house was to the left of the white house. Even with your logic, it still implies that the white house is the last house therefore allowing tje problem solvers to use the same method of logic.
It is the German i guess
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Thanks for sharing this puzzle. I'm trying to solve it here https://www.brainzilla.com/logic/zebra/einsteins-riddle/ but it's really hard the first time. I solved it after 1 hour.

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