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He's the smart one trolling people from the grave

I actually came to the conclusion that the german lived in the green house, drank coffee, smoked Prince, and had a fish.

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I think the German should be drinking beer..

I think the Norwegian has fish
I spent quite a while thinking and finally just guessed German cause Einstein was German
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Norwegian because he is the first one to buy the house.

Robert Brown, not exactly.

We know that there are 5 houses. The Norwegian house is 1st and that they live next to a blue house - making the blue house 2nd. The middle house (3rd) drinks milk. The green house drinks coffee and if it is to be to the left of the white house, that would make it 4th. This would leave the white house in 5th place. Apply the other clues and it has a clear answer.

What is the answer? Also what is the 4th letter rule?
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