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German has the fish

Without saying more. No, the German does not have the fish. If you think you solved this in 15 minutes, you're lying. The solution requires multi-level inferences akin to the hardest level of sodoku. This puzzle is n-complete, it can be solved to a single discrete solution.

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Actually you are brilliant I almost had it but you were PERFECT................ BRAVOOOOO

you're right

Took me 15 minutes using index cards
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You're all wrong and in the 98% I'm afraid, the German could have an elephant for all we know. Nowhere in the clues does it state there is a fish, read the question again "Who owns the fish?" - It doesn't say "the final person has a fish, who is it?"


i don't see no answer anywhere 'below', though... so is this a waste of time, or where's the answer? thank you. don't play with people. ask the question, receive an answer, say if it's right or wrong. simple.

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I wonder if the fishes name is Clause? XD

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