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I have the answer.
The Germans who live in the Green House drinks coffee and smokes prince owns the fish.

This was a good riddle, it held mine and other co-workers attention.

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Thank you

My answer is the German. I haven't checked it.

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It's the German... He was only mentioned once, all by himself no house colors,no pets,an doesn't drink any beer or drinks of any sort... So it has to be the German

Hi, i think i am, indeed, late to the party but if you are still interested and haven't already solved this then make a diagram of the houses, then by following the clues place the colours as well as the "free" clues you get. After that you have to figure out where to put the next easily accessible clue so that it doesn't contradict your next clues, you may have to try this a few times. To help you a bit further, remember while solving this, it does not matter if the placement of your next clue is not pointed by the clues, however it must not contradict them. For example when it says the owner of the middle house drinks milk that means that he cannot be drinking something else, so the riddle "forces your hand" to the right path. Remember right things down and take your time. Do not be intimidated by the 2% nonsense. Have fun.

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you r wrong it is one to the left like the clue says



The German has the fish.

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