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Finally I got it out.
It's the German.
It amazes me that no one else got it.
But that's as my friend Al said: 98 % can't solve it!
I got it in 33.3 seconds. I used a crow-bar and I cheated by looking at the answers. That is why I was accepted into the CIA.
P.S. I refuse to confirm or deny whether I shot dead the other examinees, or bribed the examiner, or flogged the stamp money, or whether the stamp money tin contained exactly $3.55.
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Woodward, what's the true solution now ? [:^)]
That's clear:
The CIA.
=: )
So is the CIA man the German? Does he have the "fish"?
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Hi Sayed,
The answer is on the first page of this thread, in about the fourth or fifth post. Of course it is encoded a little (every 4th letter is the correct one to spell the nationality).

Or alternatively...put a circle around every THIRD letter that is below and it will spell the name of the nationality that has the fish. (The reason I do it this way is so that if other people want to try this riddle, they won't see the answer by accident.


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this is too easy!!! i guess, more then 2% of the world can di it!!!!i guess, those who are above 8 years ol;d can do it
I don't think Einstein wrote the riddle. Mainly because of the nationalities chosen. Why would he put a Swede, a Dane, a Norwegian and a German in with a Brit. Surely he'd have picked another country on the body of Europe. Or if he was going for big powers, where's America?

I always used to do logic puzzles like this when I was about 8, but my boyfriend, who is technically very intelligent couldn't do this, it must be different types of intelligence.

(And to whoever posted asking if it would change if the white house wasn't next to the green one, it must do: that's how you work out all the colours of the houses and without the colours you can't get the rest of it.)
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I think as a physician big al was a genius, but as a politician he was a nutter. He was a dreamer believing on a disarmed World, and when the world wakes him up he jells: To the weapons, after that he resigns.
All his attempts to influence mankind or politics had no effect at all.
He was never going for big powers; all he wanted was his physic and his unified field theory.

Ask him about his nationality and he would say: European
(And at his lifetime there was nothing called Europe, except the continent)
He had no interests in country names.

And there is something else:
If he has written this riddle, when did he do it?
Was it in the age of 7 or 70?
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