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ddduuude this took me like an hour to solve. i got it on my 4th try though. i felt so smart lol. anywaaays....it was cool and now im going to bed! my brains totally fried!
It is undoubtedly German. but this is a very hard one though...anyway this was a great riddle rom the great scientist's lab.
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Good question Rooney.
Many people say that Einstein was the greatest plagiarist of all time, and that all he really did was claim the credit for other peoples work.

For more info;

So if Alby didn't write the riddle, who did?

P.S. Dear Woody, please forgive me for being a tad off topic.
Like every one else every one else tries to get the answer and they eventualy come up with a different answer every time they try
and every person tries another way to get it and there are more than many ways to getting it

the thing that makes a difference between the 2% and the rest of you is that the 2% thinks

the question is WHO HAS THE FISH ? and to the rest of the 98% its the one without the pet !

but the 2% people think... it doesnt have to be him ... the petless one .. it could be any one ! !
and so that is the difference...
its too complicated because the answer is in the first 3 sentences.. not the last 5

try again ... and you will get new answers..

it doesnt matter who has the fish ...

Thank you ...

From: 2%

145 I.Q.
It's like everywhere.
I think the difference between the 2% and the 98% is that the 98% think they know everything.
And the masters of knowing everything are in the CIA and have the fish.
CIA would be a good place for IQ's above 140.

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House yellow blue Red green white
Nationality Norwegian Danish British German Swedish
Drink Water tea Milk Coffee Beer
Cigarettes Dunhill Blend Paulmall Prince Bluemaster
Pet Cat Horse bird Fish Dog

Is that right???Emotion: smile Thank for ur riddle but I think proportion of world's population who can solve it is higher than 50%
i got news for you speeedy, big al wasnt a physician
Unfortunate that you claim that your IQ is 145, yet you seem to have difficulty forming a legible and gramatically sound sentence.... not to be nitpicky or anything (though that probably doesn't ruin your intellectual credibility). His question states that there are five people, implying that in the realm of his theoretical question, only five people exist. Furthermore, he heavily implies that the fish is owned by one of the people in his "theoretical riddle realm" with, "Who owns the fish?" Even if I am wrong (which i doubt), this has little to do with one's intelligence, and more to do with one's logical capabilities. Forgive me for being unclear in any way.
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it is a very simple riddle
the only hard thing is the way he worded a hint
"the green house is to the left of the white"
now this doesnt specifie that they have to be next door neighboursso i was stuck
if it say "the green house is the white houses next door neighour"
then 5 minutes or less this puzzle would take
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