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i did itttttttttttttt i was working for 1 hour, but finally i got itttttttttttttttt....
In the beginning you think tha you can`t do it but little but little you go eliminating options, i had to use a paper and draw a 5 house and i put the information that you get easly in the hints and after thinking i diddd ittttttttt, now i will go to show the problem to my sister...
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as has been mentioned a few times, but not heeded or discussed by anyone; there is no fish. the clues say nothing whatsoever about a fish. If you assume that the fith pet in your permutation is a fish, then yes, you have a case. However as any person who has had to do geometric proofs will know, the first rule in proofs is that you cannot assume anything. there is no fish. In my opinion that's the end of the story. but go on, flog me if you will, and I'm certain people will.
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mondial population in 1950 : 3,000,000,000
german population in 1950 : 60,000,000

60,000,000 / 3,000,000,000 = 2 %

98% can't solve it
germans can
Very funny, how log did it take to find the fitting year?
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it took a about 30 minutes
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its got to be more than 2% because im only thirteen and it only took me a half an hour
yes your right it is the german
WOO HOO !!!!!!!! i got it in 15 mins and im only 16 he he
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that one was great
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