What are the differences between those words? Electrical vs electric vs electronic
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Electric = using electricity for power: an electric blanket; an electric kettle

Electrical = related to electricity: electrical switching system; electrical faults

Electronic = using, based on or used in a system of operation which involves the control of electric current by various devices: an electronic gamesboard; electronic gadgets; electronic devices.
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Basically the major differents between these two technical concepts are, when dealing with the electrical components and systems you are dealing with a higher voltage and current. A lot of application may be related to power distribution, motor control system, and etc. Like for an example: 120VAC and up, three phase 460VAC. Component wise step up/down 1 to 3 phase transformers, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, line reactors and etc.

Now for the electronic side, that consist of PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), which is covered with with smaller size components and smaller voltages and current values (.1mV to about 24V at most) as well. Mainly electronic are designed on PCBs for communications purposes (radio, cell phones, computers and many more other communication devices).
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Iv always been confused about this!
The study of electricity in conductor is elecrical.

The study of electricity in semi-coductor is electronics.
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