There are a lot of questions that some satisfactorily attempt to answer and others poorly attempt to answer.

Are the following re-writes acceptable?

What are the phrase types in bold?

There are a lot of questions that people attempt to answer, some satisfactorily and others poorly.

There are a lot of question that people attempt, some satisfactorily and others poorly, to answer.

Thanks in advance
Hello, English 1b3,

Your rewritten versions are correct, but I pick the first one as it does not break the normal flow of speech and places the heavier element at the end of the sentence.

This is apparently the type of sentence with the first two co-ordinate clauses joined asyndetically (=without a conjunction) and the third syndetically. The first clause has all the essential sentence elements, but the second and the third one do not. Taken in isolation, they are ungrammatical. Within the present context, they are irregular fragmentary sentences with ellipsis which may be recoverable from the linguistic form of the sentence. In other words, the phrase 'attempt to answer' can be renewed from the first clause and inserted after the pronouns.

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
Thanks very much, Gleb. Clear answer. So here is another case of ellipsis.

Am I correct to say that ellipsis can occur in two situations?

1. As above, when words are revoverable from the greater context; that is, they can be simply re-inserted without changing the sentence around'

2. The subject and verb to be in dependent clauses