Hi, I keep receiving letters saying

"This email was sent from a user at EnglishForward.com. Replying
to this email will be sent back to the user via normal email.

Hello dear, My name is **. My hobbies are ***. I was impressed when i saw your profile and will like to discuss important matter with you and as well as establishe a long lasting relationship with you. In addition, please kindly contact me direct with my e-mail address: ***Waiting to hear from you soonest. With love. ***."

those letters are virtually the same and my profile tells nothing actually. I doubt they are spam letters. Have you got similar letters? Am I just worrying too much?

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Yes, it is spam. Do not reply to it.

We have banned several perpetrators of this sort of spam recently. If you could give us the user name(s) we will ensure that they are either already banned or will be.

Thank you for notifying us, Ahava.

Thank you Mister Micawber for your note, and for all that you have done for the wonderful forum. The following is the mail addresses and the names given in the mails. All the best!

Email Removed">Email Removed Tina1122

Email Removed Glory22

Email Removed">Email Removed Mako33
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And I have just received another e-mail like that from a member whose nickname is Akoh33
Damn, I didn't know about this. I just checked my mail, and I found an email like that, sent by Akoh33, if I'm not mistaken. But it seems that account has already been deleted from here.
Anyway, don't you ever reply to those emails! They are looking for your email in order to send spam to an active mail account.

Spamming is a crime (but not everywhere), but reporting the abuse very rarely leads to prosecution, unless the spammer is involved in some fraud or pornography. The only thing you can do is keep an eye on the forums, and have quick mods who get rid of spam as soon as they notice it.
Emotion: indifferent omg another one right now: nickname Baby1133 ... I really hate these spammers Emotion: super angry
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I got four emails from Baby1133, they are all the same and they are the same as the one I got earlier from Akoh or whatever that name was. It is a bot spamming...

Ok, I just created a new accout here, I created BabyAAA. You can delete that account, because no one will ever use it, since I created it. I wanted to see if there was some kind of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test), that stuff that makes sure you are a human and not a machine. I didn't remember if there was something like that when I registered, but now there's nothing. That means there could be a bot registering a lot of fake users automatically...
Thanks for the information – all those names are now restricted...
Due to the fact that the user is not posting, we don't have an IP - i did a search for any new logins from @yahoo.co.uk, and there was only [email protected] - so i banned that one too.

perhaps somebody can entice this user to PM them - with one of our 'private' user accounts; 'hey baber, I really wanna talk but icant send on that email, pls give me aother to sent to.' (Use bad English, and make mistakes)

The PM will contain the IP, and then I can ban the 'block'

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