Hi, i need to write an email to my company Auditor to inform them that we are ready to audit. Below is the sentences that i want to send to them. Pls advise if i've typed any error. Thks in advance :-)

Dear Sir/ Mdm,

This is to inform you that our company have ready to audit for Year 2007 Accounts from now onward, and this is the first year our company have to audit. Pls let us know what are the documents that we have to prepare for you to audit.

And just to check with you that have to take how long for our Year 2007 Accounts audit?


Are you sure this is how to start an audit? Usually the audit firm sends their client an engagement letter about this.
Yes. I've already sent out the "Engagement Letter" to them. Now they are waiting for me to confirm a date to audit, so i just want to write a simple email to inform them that they can start to audit our company anytime.
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Hi, anybody can chk for me the grammar? Many thks for help......