Have only just stumbled accross this great site and can't find the answer to this question so far, so sorry if it's been answered elsewhere.

If I'm applying for a job, or in this case work experience, via email, do I still use the standard 'Dear Sir/Madam', 'Yours faithfully' etc? It's only for a small local paper so it seems a bit too formal, even though I don't know the addressee. It wouldn't bother me as much if it was a written letter. Is there a standard way to begin/end emails?

Also, should all words in the subject box begin with capitals?

Many thanks
As it is a job application I would treat it formally myself.

No, not all words in the subject box need to begin with captials, only those that would have capitals in any other situation.
I usually write formal letters using email exactly as I would write regular written mails. I am not aware of any email etiquette to write formal letters. The first word in the subject begins with a capital and so does the proper nouns.