I'm a student doing assignment in physics. I want to write a request from professor at another university to get some measurements from their labs . I call him and said send what u want by email...

I don't know how can i start. what are the polite way to ask for this help? and how do i end the email?

i want to say that i know u r very busy ... but i think it's not good expression, is it?

Here is my draft :

Dear prof…

As telephone call, I have x samples that needed to be characterized by AAA technique .please inform me how and when can i get them to your lab.

Thanks & Regards

please i appreciate any help i can get


Welcome to the forums!
You want to ask a professor for measurements. You need to be clear on exactly what measurements you need, when you need them, and how they will be sent.
Here is an example:
As we discussed in our recent telephone conversation, I would like you to send me some measurements from your lab.
I would like measurements on ....(describe the measurements you need)

I would appreciate if you could send these to me by email.
Thank you,
[ EDIT] Your description was hard to understand. Do you want the professor's lab to perform some measurements on your samples?
As we discussed in our recent telephone conversation, I would like your lab to perform some measurements on samples I will send you. I have (describe the samples and what exactly measurements you want. Also tell him if you expect your samples to be returned or you only want the measurements).
Please suggest the best way in which this can be done. I appreciate your assistance.
Many many Thanks

you helped me a lot

Thanks again