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eg I have attached my assignment, and also X's.
Hi you may write: "Please see attachment."
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Please refer to attached.

Warmest Regards,
I would say "Please find the attached document"
AnonymousI think you should write like this Dear Sir/Madam, Please find the attachment enclosed here along with.
Sorry I can't find the attachment
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Please find attached herewith.......

i would like to send mail to hr of company. i dnt know how to write a letter of attachment.i dnt know what the material write in attachment mail.plz hlp me
How can we help you when we do not know what you need to say.

Start a new thread. Write in simple sentences what you are asking the person who will get your letter to do.

Remember that the pronoun "I" is always capitalized, and that the first letter of a sentence is also capitalized.
Also not the spelling of "don't."
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Please kindly find the attached file.

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