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These days, people don't like to open an attachment without specific knowledge about what's inside, so my advice to you is to include the extra information. For your information that I have already submitted all the invoice and PO to you and your department 4month before. But if you need again, Please find the attached document for your records

I have already explain you that I have already left the Velzone Arabia 5Month before now I am working for Al-Nass-Al-Mobdea-Trading.

I want to ask something.

When we have send our Resume what should we write in the box in a professional manner??

How to start writing that I am sending you my updated Resume??

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car papaya 327in the box

What box is that?

Box is the place where we write our mail.

Attached is my updated resume.

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i've started this thread about 10 years ago when i started my first corporate position, i've sticked to "please find attached" and i find it to be universal. in your case i'd say "please find attached my resume" or if it's updated, "please find attached my updated resume"

and email i'd say something like

in response to your job offer, please find my resume attached."
Kind regards

Name (and surname optionally for more official cases when you're not corresponding regularly)

kindly find the attached statement of account,for any more information to not hestitate to contact me

i want to send one copy of thesis to HOD of university

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Dear Sir/Madam

P lease find/concern the attachment.

Thank You

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