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That seems to be commonly said in Indian English, but in Canada more modern English is

eg The report you requested is attached.

Cliveeg The report you requested is attached.

The same is true in the US. We never write "kindly find attached." Was the attachment lost? Can't the recipient see that the email has an attachment? Why would you ask them to find it, and in a kindly manner?

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I already wrote my letter and attached all the files. At the end I wrote as quoted “ All the information are attached as mentioned”.

I don’t know if that’s right.

No, that's not correct.

Have you read this thread? It has a lot of good advice.

I want to send a business attachment , I don't have to send a letter.

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An attachment has to be attached to something.Emotion: wink

Please find the attached file.


Please find the attached file.

Where did you lose it?

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Who said to you to semd report
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