To the Forum,

Could you please help me in correcting the e-mail below.

Thanks in advance,



Dear Gxxxx Ccccc,

I intend to do a PhD in a sustainable development topic.

I´ve just seen the list of Human Geography & Environmental Science PhD Topics (on the university web-page) and I am very impressed with some of them, namely with the following:

- "Sustainable global cities. Exploring the practices of architects, designers and planners that are critical to the achievement of sustainable urban regeneration" - Supervisor: Dr Xxxxx Yyyy" and

- "Creating alternative urban environments: property developers and investors and sustainable urban redevelopment" - Supervisor: Dr Jjjjjj Yyyyy.

Could you please tell me what should I do apply to apply to these research projects.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Looks fine as it is.
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Thanks a lot Nona the Brit!

hi there, i m a learner of this language and i do not intend to misguide anyone. i think there is a little mistake in this sentence: "Could you please tell me what should I do apply to apply to these research projects."

may be it should be like this:

Could you please inform me about the procedure that i should follow in order to apply for these research projects.

Apart from this everything is perfect!