In a book there's a part where a reader is supposed to write something about himself/herself.

There's a part where you're supposed to write a brief description of where you find yourself in life today.

Questions are as follows:

1. Where do you live?

2. What is your work?

3. What is you emotional/relationship status?

--- I'm not sure I understand the last question? Is it asking: What is your emotional state and what are your relationships like?

I think that emotional and relationship status are two different things. BTW I'd say "emotional state" rather than status. Relationship status is about whether you're married, in a relationship or single.
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So in your opinion the author is asking: What's your emotional state? and What's your marital status?
Basically yes, even though the author, based on how the question was written, might have meant that emotional and relationship status are the same. If that's the case I obviously disagree with him/her. BTW, I think that if he had wanted to write "marital status" he would have done so. So you better stick with relationship status instead.
OK, thanks!
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