I need to prepare letter to Head of HR Department asking to to extend our staff member employment contract.
Can anyone help me in this regard? i don't know how to start and what should I mention.

Thank you,
We don't know what you should mention either—it depends on the contract terms. Start by writing as if you were speaking to the HR head. Post your effort here and we will review it. Or why not meet the Head in person and he will give you the details of what the letter should say?
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It depends on your contract agreements, and if it is stated that the contract will be extended, then, you have to pick from that line that allows you to extend your contract. Its just some few words that allows you to invoke the extension of your contract.
Hi, thank you all for your response. I wrote a letter. it would be grateful reviewing it for me.

I think I mentioned a lot of unimportant data, please let me know your opinion. Thank you.Emotion: smile

Dear ...;

Kindly note that, the contract of Ms. Gemma (No. 33/2010) expired on 31 December 2011. Gemma worked under the SSA basis as a project assistant within the Agency for one year and 5 months (8 months in Gender Based Violence project at CMH [May 2011 - Dec.2011] and 9 months in Gender Initiative Project [Aug.2010 - Apr.2011]).

Gemma has a high level of computer and statistical skills by using various applications. During her work, she provided various types of reports regarding the questionnaires analysis, Gemma is able to successfully complete her tasks with favorable results. Furthermore, she translated several training materials and documents. I believe that her existance within our programe would be valueable. But, unfortunatly phase II of GBV doesn't include her.

Based on the above, I wonder if there is any possibility to extend her SSA contract and to be funded from other sources (not GBV), or to appoint her on daily basis.

I would highly appreciate your replay ASA.

Thank you.