Dear all, I am working for the company in Vietnam . I usually send email to all agents at foreign by email. However, we have confused in using the end of email ex: Best regards, with thanks, Thanks in advance,...

Please help us when we use this. If any, pls list to me all of end emails. Thank you!Emotion: pizza
Hello Nguyennhuem,

You can close your emails with the following:


Best regards,

Kind regards,

Thanks / Thank you (if you need to thank your clients for anything)

Thanks & regards

Best wishes,

When it comes to ending a letter you can use the following:

Yours truly,

Yours sincerely,

Sincerely yours,



Respectfully yours,

Yours faithfully, (I don't think this one is very popular)
Dear Benita,

Thanks for your return. However, I have another question, people often use "please be advised that, please advise that" Which is right and there is other pharse to replace it.
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Let me explain with examples:

Please be advised that I will be travelling to France this month - This is to inform you that I will be travelling to France this month

Please advise whether you are planning to visit France this month - I would like to know if you are planning to visit France this month.
When ending a personal letter is correct to close the letter with Your Daughter or Your daughter. And why is it that we write Your friend instead of capitalizing the letter f in friend?

Thank you,

Email Removed">
a business correspondant has become increasingly friendlier and ends emails with sincerely yours how should I interpret that?
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I think 'please be advised that' can be used when you are advising someone in advance about a particular situation. The other one does not sound right to me unless someone has a suggestion