How do you feel when you know that your holidays come to an end?
Fortunatelly I feel quite ok because I work with a lot of freedom, so, restart job doesn't make me feel bad.

But a thing stress me dramatically, the previous hours of the first day I have class with a new student. Just the previous hours because once immersed in the class everything runs smoothly. Another thing can stress me is when I teach adults and they focus in their no-skills or capacity.
And you Maj? How do you feel?
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I have no problem at all because I love my job! It makes a difference when you work for yourself.
The end of holidays is really depressing. A few more wasted months tacked on to my wasted life. I can't shake the feeling that I'm running out of time.
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I love when my holiday comes to an end because I usually work harder at home in my holidays than during the work days. My father keeps asking me to do this and that, and when I didn't do it right he always accused that I did it on purpose. That's why I never particularly like holidays.