For a graduate research project i am to take a controversial issue such as ending a sentence with a preposition and get opinions on why it is or is not correct?, instances when ending a sentence with a preposition is okay or not okay?, and also try to find sources (i.e. from a book or web source) explaining why it is or is not correct! I need roughly 10 sources and have 3 right now (Book of English Usage) & K&F (7th edition) are my 2 top sources, so if any of you have some past reference to posts or links to sites, books, etc... to aid me in my research then that would be great!!!

Also, I would like as many opinions on this issue as possible because that is also part of my research!!! thank you in advance and hope to see a lot of posts!

*** Once my research is complete, i will condense all my info and sources and post on here for future reference to users so that much information on this topic can be found in 1 post vs. several!!!
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Matt, are you sure this is really controversial enough? To my thinking, controversy is whether abortion should be legal, whether undocumented workers should be naturalized, whether the U.S. overreaches in its self-imposed role of world-policeman... whether the DH rule is crap in Major League Baseball (okay, the last one not so much) ... but this is just a bunch of cardigan-sweaters-with-leather-patches-wearing people talking about whether an antiquated (and some would argue misunderstood) rule applies in modern English usage. Only a bunch of language geeks are going to consider this a matter of controversy. And even then, you'll have more people feeling passionate about the serial (or Oxford) comma than this one.

But anyway, make sure you find the quote from Winston Churchill - I'm probably misquoting it, but it's something like "This is the type of nonsense up with which I will not put."

Bear in mind, many think it refers to sentences like "Hey, Joe, where you at?" (Obviously wrong!) than "He's the fellow I'm going to the dance with." You'll have a hard time, I believe, finding peole who use modern English saying that you can't end a sentence with a preposition.

But good luck, in any case.
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Thanks for the search Marius!

Throughout my research i find several instances where the source states that ending a sentence with a preposition is a serious breach of grammar etiquette!!! I can't figure out why i keep seeing this because today, i notice that many professors teach students that it is in fact okay to end sentences with prepositions!!! Interesting!

I rather like leather patches.

Garner, Modern American Usage, p. 633, has a page against the rule of not ending with prepositions
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Grammar Geek,

let me clarify my research parameters! It must be on a controversial "grammar" issue, and for much of this semester i have found ending a preposition to be controversial, not just flat out right or wrong, but right in some instances, and wrong in other instances, and i just want to hear people opinions, since this is such a hard topic of research, to see if people, from experience as a teacher, as a student, or as a person have any reference of insight to this topic. So if you have any reference or opinion on the use of ending a sentence with a preposition, then please post it, for gathering peoples opinions is also an aspect of my research!!! thanks for the luck!!!

Hope to here from you and others

you might have tried that already, search of course Yahoo with:
"Ending A Sentence With A Preposition"
(quotation marks are important!)
gives many links

Thank you for that hint about the quotation marks, i had completely forgotten about that when using search engines!!! I have not gotten that source yet and will find it at the library! I go to the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign and have a huge library, so i should be able to look up that refernce!

Thanks again, and if you have anything on this topic please keep me informed!
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