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Serbian/Croatian Computer Science Terms...

English: "Maybe some Serbian/Croatian computer people can help me find a resource on Serbian/Croatian computer science terms." Serbian/Croatian: "Mozhda ljudi koji dobro razumejy...

Pitch, Tar, Asphalt?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure our how to to describe the substance that is spread on a roof of a building to stop the penetration of the rain. Is that pitch, tar or asphalt...

If This Is Logically Accpted?

If this is logically accpted and ruled in society and expand even if the most powerful of nations, then why is it dismissed and rjected as if the method is rejected? Is it rejected...

Jungle Book?

is akela the father wolf

What Are The Elements Of?

What are the elements of irony in the play heat lightning

Don't Forget To Do This?

Don't forget to do this when blowing out the candles

How To Make Electrical Quotation?

How to make electrical quotation

She Goes Out Her Mothers?

she goes out her mothers tummy to scratch her father's back what is it?

Can I Say? I Felt?

Can I say? I felt surprised

How Can I Improve My?

how can i improve my English?

Question Making?

Rajeev Gandhi was the 7 th prime Minster of India, This is answer sentence, how can say question?

Stop By Or Drop By?

Stop by and drop by, are they exactly the same?

What Is Different Between Hope?

What is different between hope and expect

Can I Say I Am?

Can I say I am 10

I Declare, Quoth My Uncle?

I declare, quoth my uncle Toby, mine are more like a smoak-jack.--Then, brother Toby, I have nothing more to say to you upon that subject, said my father. i met this expression...

Thesis Topics?

i‘'m gonna to write an papaer about western culture, but i don't know to do nest after i listed several topics.

Gerund And Infinitive?

what are the main differences between gerund and infinitive

Future Continuous Tense?

Здравствуйте! Правильно ли будет задан вопрос : "I will be becoming a wizard"

Hindi Tanslat?

I would go to Pune by air

To Answer Some Of Your Simpler Questions...

So I've noticed there are quite a few people asking questions about grammar, phrasal verbs and translations. I think this little toom might be of use: Dict.com is a multilingual...

Is There Anyone Still Speaking Latin?

nowadays, is there anyone still speaking Latin?

How To Ask A Foreigner Walking ?

This will be the first time I talk to a foreigner. I will work every afternoon around my area, so I can met some foreigner. If they are walk alone. How can I ask their with a...

Russian-English Translation?

Hello How would you translate into English the following sentence: Также торопила время и она. К его приходу она вся (внутренне) преображалась. Is the suggestion...

American Shopping Traditions?

I am wondering that which month do the Americans shop most?Obviously,there are a lot of differences between America and China as for which month do people shop most.

Можно Ли Здесь Использовать "Always Has...

Как корректно перевести фразу (американский английский)? "С ним всегда обходились слишком строго. Особенно его родители". "He always has been treated too harshly. Especially...
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