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There are dozens of people in this thread asking for help from sombody who does not respond.

Why not just ask specific questions in one of the other forums? People frequently respond there in a very short time.
well..i am trying to exchange conversation..
wanted to polish my English, writing & speaking.. Emotion: smile
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my english is also too weak so i also want to improve through i can talk with you?
Hi Shahab..
maybe we can talk through private message or chat.
I m starting business with ltd company please help write quotation about our rate list and other exp. Like driver salary and toll tax ,labour charges
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hello kayla,
I appreciate your humanism, but how can you help us?
i wanna need to learn english can you help me kayla?
yes , i want to enhance my speaking skills , my skype name is (hugfree.ram5)

looking forward to talk to u
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Please teach me for improving my English skill. Emotion: smile
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