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This is Waqar Ali, I want to learn to pronounce English words correct, where can I find you? or how will you teach me?
Hello, Kayla~ My english is poor, can you help me to improve my english?
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yes i want to improve my english grammar .
yes i wan to learn. can you please check this & correct if there is a mistake " Have you fixed your alliance with someone" I mean to ask her is she has fixed her alliance with someone. How shall i ask ? please assist.
abdulbaseerI mean to ask her is she has fixed her alliance with someone
What does that mean? Are you asking about wedding plans?
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hello,i hardly speak english in daily life....m confused between intend or intent...and proper use of supposed to and also want to improve my drafting ...where i can use comma ( what we say to these words - as long as, as far as, hence etc... i want to know where i can use all of that)
Hello Kayla,

I am a student from Amsterdam and i would like to improve my English too cause i am gonna travel next year to other England for my master.. Can i add you on favebook?
Bro i have a very good program for you to learn english. Its in difference levels, and its listening, speaking and writing.
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Is it ok to ask you some grammar and vocabulary questions?
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