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Hi Kayla,
I see that a lot of people want to improve their English. Probably you are very busy right now. But maybe you will find also some time for me ?:)
Hi Kayla. I want to improve my English skill : speaking and writing. Can you help me? I have Facebook
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Hi I want to improve my english speaking skills. Can you help me please. I have skype, yahoo messanger and I also have facebook.
hiii kayla i also want to improve my english speaking me kayla
pls help me to improve my english..because im from tamilnadu i know little bit of english only.
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me. can u help me?
Thanks. I would like discuss with you about different types of sentence formation.
Emotion: smileyes i fu could help me my name is sunshine i will be very grateful
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hi Kayla,

My name is Tracy. Atm im applying for a job and i desperately need someone to correct my grammar. Can you help plzzzz
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