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hi every one my name is reyhane i am iranian and i am student of english literature and i can help your english knowledge if you mind..thanksEmotion: yes
hi, i am tuyen, i am vietnamese. i can use english well, so i need your help. i studied foreign trade, but my english is bad. it let me down. please help me if you feel comfortable. thanks
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I want to learn English can you teach me?
hi i am not a nattive speaker but my english is good ..sure i can help you as much as i can
My name is Shivanshu Tripathi. I did my schooling from KV.
At present i am pursuing
my hobbies are playing games and listening music.
my strength are i easily mix up with people, i am a team worker, i want to learn things..and my weakness are i am easily believe in other person which sometime create problem for me.
will you please tell me if there is any error...........
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hi, i want to learn to speak english probably..can u help me?
this is my Yahoo:(removed by moderator; please leave it in your profile). Add it and we will talk more,ok?
P/S: After you add friend, let's say to me^^. Nice to meet you.
hi, i am tuyen. i need your help. i need to make an improvement in my english. it is not good. please help me if you free
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i'm free. BUt my E is not very well. We can help together,ok
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