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Because I think we just say " anyone help me". we can know that is a quesion or sentense by the sound when we talk together,
yes, i feel pleasure to help you......Emotion: smile
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hi you.! i'm from VietNam. i'm very like English. can you help me please.! thank.!
Kayla Smelcer Anyone wanting to learn English I'm here to help.
hi you. i want improve my English. can you help me, please.!
and i'm like talking to you.
hi, can you help me to improve my english?
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I am Faisal from Pakistan. I am interested to speak English. I want anyone add me in Skype then we talk daily in English, so in the way my English speaking power improve. So u can help me. Faisal
plz tell me tips of learning english?
hii ms.. I dont know your name . but thank you this giving this thank u for co aperation
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hi kayla i want to improve my spoken english..could u please help?
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