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hi kayla,

My spoken English needs to be improved.Please help me with this!
Thuy NguyenBecause I think we just say " anyone help me". we can know that is a quesion or sentense by the sound when we talk together,
I think we just say " anyone help me"..

No, this is not correct syntax. Native speakers do raise the tone at the end of a question, but that is not any substitute for correct syntax. People who are learning English have to practice speaking correctly.

Can anybody (somebody) help me?
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Kayla Smelcer Anyone wanting to learn English I'm here to help.
my name is yamashirzzi. I would like to speak English good can you help please
Thanks you so much! Can you help me?
I want to learn English.
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I really want to improve my English.can you help me?
so am I
Hi i want to learn english. Could you please help me out on this.
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Hello kayla i also want to speak english fluently may i sent u friend request in facebook
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