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Thank Kayla. Nice to meet you. I want to improve my english skills. Would you like to help me. My name Hai.
Emotion: sadhi kalya...plese tel me how can i improve my spaking skills?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
i am ready
i enjoy helping the others
hello Kayla ... i want to improve my English Skill. can you please help me..
Kayla SmelcerNo, I do not have a Skype but I do have a Facebook. If you would like, you can add me and I will Instant Message you while I'm on.
at what time u on??? hi kayla i am faheem??
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
hello chian i can help you where i wil find u???
Hi Kayla.. thanks.. Emotion: smile I'm a new member to here.. Still a little bit complicate.. Btw can I ask my English troble places from you? Emotion: smile
Thank you I want you help, can you help me.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
i want to learn english.If you are ready then it my pleasure to learn english with you.
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