Anyone wanting to learn English I'm here to help.
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Thank you Kayla. Yes I want to improve my conversation and writing skills. Do you have a skype?
No, I do not have a Skype but I do have a Facebook. If you would like, you can add me and I will Instant Message you while I'm on.
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Hello, Kayla~ My english is poor, can you help me to improve my english?
Where can I find you? I can't use FB, because I study in ChinaEmotion: crying
hi i am interested to learn english .If u have time plz help me...
Yes, Kyla... I want to learn English. But I don't use skype.. How will we go about it?
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hello Madam
how r u doing?
excuse me I have some problems with my socioliguistics class, and I am searching for some examples. I am very thankful of you if you give me a hand
thanx for your great help
thank you for your kindness.i really want to improve my english skills.
Thank you Kayla, that I need.Can you help me?
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