8.3 In Unit 7 (Exercise 7.3) you read the beginning of a conversation. Here is the rest of it. If
the verb in the underlined section is correct, write /. If it is wrong, correct it using the
past simple, present perfect, past perfect, present perfect continuous or past perfect
continuous as appropriate. (A-C)
A: (1) Did he have any health problems recently?

B: Well, he (2) 's been suffering from high blood pressure for some time, but we (3) have
thought a fishing holiday in Scotland would be relaxing for him. He (4) worked too
hard for months now, and we (5) 've been trying to persuade him to have a break for
ages before he finally agreed.

A: So (6) have you gone up to Scotland when you (7) have heard ?

B: No, Mum (8) has gone up to be with him, but the doctors (9) have checked him over
and (10) had been saying that it's not too serious. They (11) gave him some medicine
to bring down his blood pressure and (12) had told him that he needs complete rest
for a couple of months. So Mum's driving him back in the car tomorrow.

A: Well, send him my best wishes when you speak to him.

B: Thanks, I will do.
We won't do your homework for you.
But if you try, we'll check your answers.

Check your instructions.
I don't see any underlined sections.
I don't know what A-C refers to.