anyone know how to summarize the following piece, "Jazz" in approximately 1-2 sentences?

As it is with reggae, there are two jazz crowds. The division here is generational, not racial. The older crowd likes its jazz in bars, is known to take a drink or a dozen while in these bars, and gets misty-eyed when someone mentions such quaint-sounding names as Mezz Mezzrow, Miff Mole, Lucky Millinder, or anything about Kansas City. To this crowd, jazz was-and still is, on occasion-an entertainment. That Earl Hines may be the most gifted pianist in any style in the entire 20th century means less to this crowd than the fact he can swing like a tropical forest before achurricane.
The new jazz crowd takes it all much more seriously. It rarely gets misty-eyed. Rather, it gets angry when certain names are mentioned: Cecil Taylor or Charlie Mingus or Albert Ayler-men who suffered because they played "black classical music," or what many new jazz fans have come to call jazz. The younger crowd wants the music out of the bars and into the concert halls; it doesn't want to pay concert-hall prices yet.
The old crowd prides itself on being able to name the most obscure sideman and the most obscure record ("Frankie Newton? Didn't he play trumpet for John Kirby back in '40?"). Not the new crowd. It's into theory. It can tell you which inversion of the dominant ninth pianist McCoy Tyner played just before the augrnented sixth. I mean, this crowd takes its jazz seriously.
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...anyone know how to summarize the following piece, "Jazz" in approximately 1-2 sentences?...
"Slightly silly."