Write 250 words about

1. a typical university classroom in Vietnam.

2. your hometown.

3. the changes right now in Vietnam.

4. a wedding at the moment.

5. events happening right now in your hometown.

6. to make predictions about the future for one of your teachers.

7. to make predictions about Vietnam for the next ten years.

8. your childhood.

9. your ideal home

10. to describe your hometown ten years ago.

11. the development of education in Vietnam since the year of 2000.

12. the best and worst experiences you have had since you entered this university.

13. a letter to your parents to tell them what you have been doing recently.

14. what the Vietnamese government has been doing recently to keep the environment safe.

15. An English friend of yours is interested in studying at your university. Write him or her a letter of 250 words explaining what he or she will have to do in order to enter yours.

16. Think of everything you have done in the last week. Write a letter to your teacher, telling him or her about your week, trying to use as many phrasal verbs as possible.


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I have not idea. Help me!

If you want to learn a language, one of the effective way is to try to write by yourself, then give it to someone else like a teacher or specialist..etc. For checking; when it get checked, re-read it again with the new version of correction. That will help you to figure out your own frequent mistakes such as spelling, verb tense, sentence structure..etc. No matter the number of mistakes you could have in your essay. We all have mistakes in writing. Never give up, that's the most important thing; just keep going. Then gradually, your writing will be better.