1. There are five classrooms in a hallway.

2. Each class is a different color

3. In each class is a teacher that teaches a different subject.

4. These five teachers read certain types of books, listen to a certain type of music, and keep a certain pet.

5. No teachers have the same pet, read the same book, or listen to the same music.

The question is: Who owns the turtle?


The English teacher is in the red classroom.

The Science teacher keeps dogs as pets.

The Math Teacher reads comic books.

The green classroom is on the left of the white classroom.

The green classroom owner reads Twilight.

The teacher who listens to country music has birds.

The teacher in the yellow classroom listens to rap music.

The teacher in the center room is reading The Great Gatsby.

The social studies teacher is in the first classroom.

The teacher who listens to Jazz teaches next to the one that keeps cats.

The teacher who keeps horses is next to the teacher that listens to rap.

The teacher who listens to classical reads War and Peace.

The Spanish teacher listens to Rock music.

The Social Studies teacher is next to the Blue classroom.

The teacher who listens to Jazz has a neighbor who reads The Hunger Games.


The rooms would have to be numbered from 1 to 5 from lt. to rt. in order for this to be solved. If they are numbered from 1 to 5 from rt. to lt. that would introduce too many variables and would make it unsolvable.

So, with the rooms numbered from 1 to 5 from lt. to rt., we immediately see from the clues that 1 is social studies, 2 is blue, 3 reads Gatsby, 4 is green and reads Twilight, and 5 is white.

With 2 blue, 4 green, and 5 white, 3 must be red and English, since 1 is social studies already. Then that leaves only the color yellow for 1.

Then that means 1 is the rap fan, which makes 2 the horse owner.

Then the jazz fan is in 2 - it can't be in 5 because 4 already has a book. And this makes 1 the Hunger Games reader and the cat owner.

The 1 the Hunger Games reader, 3 the Gatsby reader, and 4 the Twilight reader, that means math teacher who is a comic book fan must be in 2, since the War and Peace reader is a classical fan, and 2 is a jazz fan. That means 5 is the War and Peace reader, who is a classical fan.

Then 4 must be the Spanish teacher who likes rock, since 3 already is the English teacher.

Then 5 must be the science teacher who has a dog, since 1 is soc. studies, 2 is math, 3 is English, and 4 is Spanish already.

Then 3 must be the country fan who has birds, since 1 is rap, 2 is jazz, 4 is rock, and 5 is classical already.

That leave only 4, the Spanish teacher, without a pet, and this must be the turtle.

The summary is:

1 2 3 4 5

yellow blue red green white

soc. stud. math English Spanish Science

Hunger Games Comics Gatsby Twilight War and Peace

rap jazz country rock classical

cat horse birds turtle dog