The given line chart illustrates the portion of visitors to England who sightsaw four Brighton well-known places such as: Art gallery, Pavillion, Pier and Festival from 1980 to 2010.

Overall, a slight drop was recorded in the figures of people being fond of the festival; meanwhile, a fluctuation was witnessed in other counterparts over a period of 30 years. It is also noticeable that Pavilion was recognised as the primary tourists’ interest throughout the period shown and the opposite was true for Art Gallery which experienced a dramatic decline in popularity.

In 1980, the festival was taking the lead in choice of travellers which consisted of 30%; however, the figure had moderately fallen to nearly 25% by 1995. From this point on there was a steady upward trend and in 2010 the rate ended up with approximately 28%. Meanwhile, Pier, Art Gallery, Pavillion witnessed a tolerable beginning which were 10%, nearly 21% and around 23% respectively. In a period of 30 years later these figures had varied distinctively, there was a growth from 10% to around 22% in Pier, whereas, the proportion of Art Gallery considerably dropped by just over 10% and consequently taking the last in comparison of all.

In contrast to the slight drop in festival figures, in the first 5 years, the numbers of people travelling to Pavilion had exceeded that of the Festival at around 29% by 1985. In the next 10 years, the rate approximately doubled at the peak of the graph and then stopped at just over 30% in the final year.

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