Topic:Some people believe that the personal information of violent criminals should be made available to the public. Others think that this information should be protected

View from different sides, many opinions suppose that the violent crime information should openly state for the public. However, others do not agree and think that it should be guarded.

First of all, it is worth considering is that people protect information the victimize innocent ppl. There is denying that Some time governor makes a few mistake which arrest innocent guys into prison. As a result, they’re faced with unjustified criticisms from the communal. Especially their relatives also implicated .

One the other hand is that they publicize information. It’s not only protect community but also deterrence and warning for everyone. It is also necessary to propagate the law. Therefore they stand against the temptations in life. For example: when people share the information on the media, human have awared of not doing illegal actions.

In short, any information is disclosed to the common. Especially in terms of crime, one should be considered appropriately.

pls give me some advices.....<3

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