III. Reading (12 marks)

Read the text and choose the best answers (a, b, c, or d) to complete the gaps

Write the answer in the box below.

3.8 million Kenyans in need of food aid

Many parts of Kenya are experiencing (1) ____ drought, putting at risk the lives of millions. The World Food Programme (WFP) says 3.8 million Kenyans are in (2) ____ of food assistance. The U.N. agency warns it does not have enough food or money to feed those who need it. WFP spokesperson Josette Sheeran told reporters the organization only had funds (3) ____ feed around 400,000 people. This means 3.5 million Kenyans could (4) ____. Sheeran said: “The funding shortfall is so severe that we will have to start reducing the size of rations [in October]. The (5) ____ people are facing is going from bad to worse.” There are fears a humanitarian crisis will hit Kenya and thousands will starve to death or die of (6) ____.

The Secretary General of Kenya’s Red Cross Society Abbas Gullet said there is serious food

(7) ____ throughout his country. Many food prices have gone up by as (8) ____ as 80 per cent. Another factor raising the alarm for aid agencies is the number of livestock dying. There is not enough food or grazing land for farmers to keep their animals (9) ____. Local communities are fighting each other for access to the (10) ____ water they can find. Mr. Gullet said: “Farmers cannot sit and watch their livestock die and their livelihoods disappear. So they will fight (11) ____ every drop of water and meter of grass available.” There is (12) ____ a crisis that Masai farmers are herding their cows in the suburbs of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Put the correct words below into the above gaps.

  1. (a) severed (b) severely (c) sever (d) severe
  2. (a) need (b) needy (c) needed (d) necessary
  3. (a) for (b) to (c) by (d) so
  4. (a) starving (b) starvation (c) starve (d) starved
  5. (a) hardy (b) hard (c) hardship (d) hardly
  6. (a) thirsty (b) thirst (c) thrift (d) thrifty
  7. (a) shortfall (b) shortening (c) shorts (d) shortages
  8. (a) much (b) many (c) more (d) most
  9. (a) live (b) alive (c) livelihood (d) livestock
  10. (a) tiny (b) few (c) small (d) little
  11. (a) at (b) out (c) for (d) it
  12. (a) such (b) much (c) so (d) many

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