More and more people have been moving to large cities; however, in the past, the majority of people chose to be a member of a small community. Living in little villages was advantageous as well as disadvantageous.

In my opinion, there were three main benefits. Firstly, everybody could feel safer than in the modern cities. In their neighborhood, the number of people was quite low, so security was also ensured. Furthermore, they also helped one another to keep their area peaceful. Secondly, nobody felt lonely. All lived in a close-knit community; therefore, they always took care of other people. For instance, when one family had a traumatic event, their neighbors would come to ease their sadness and assist them in that difficult time. Lastly, he or she had opportunities to live with their parents to look after them. Their parents who love their hometown so much would choose to live the small villages. These had fresh air, their friends and relatives, and especially peace. Hence he or she could be part of these communities to convenient in taking care of their parents.

However, the shortcomings of living in little villages were undeniable. At first, he or she would earn less money. The jobs in the countryside were paid a little money, also, there were not many jobs to work. Next, in small villages, entertaining activities were also few. Usually, in these areas, the activities were traditional and they did not occur regularly, so it is hard to hang out with their friends. Last but not least, health care in the countryside was not so modern as in large cities. Thus, if anybody were injured seriously, they could be threatened to their lives.

In conclusion, although there were a few drawbacks when people lived in the countryside, I still find it beneficial to live there because of the reason mentioned above

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