Are the phrases “very interesting”and”all-consuming”synonymous
slide green 964 Are the phrases “very interesting” and ”all-consuming” synonymous

Not really. They are quite different degrees of intensity.

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How are they different

very interesting ~ You're very curious to know more about something. You think that you would enjoy it.

all-consuming ~ You can't think of anything else. You spend all of your time with this, sometimes to the exclusion of eating or sleeping. It's an obsession.


These words do differ in their intensity, but also in their usage.


taking up all of someone's time and attention

his love of horses was all-consuming very interesting

gardening has become his all-consuming very interesting passion

the period was one of fiery, all-consuming very interesting work for Van Gogh


arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention

an interesting book; an interesting point

all-consuming has the additional meaning of broad in scope or content:


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Although "all-consuming" is missing from the list of synonyms in the link above, I have come across phrases like "all-consuming power".