My name is Tung - a Vietnamese nineteenth years old boy. Presently, I am currently based in Ha Noi city, the capital of Vietnam. From a very young age, I have had a dream to become a lawyer in an international legal. That's why I was determined to get into Law School and now I am studying and researching Economic Law as a sophomore at Hanoi Law University. I am an introverted person and have a simple lifestyle. Art and languages are my strengths. I have a great income from designing logos, posters, etc… and translating requests for English movies and documentaries. I have learned English through films having English subtitles, books written in English, and also the English tests as well. I think it is an effective way to learn English. Besides, like a normal person, I have some weak points as well. I have trouble communicating with other people. That is a thing needed to improve to realize my dream. With what I have, I hope that in the future I will cultivate a lot of knowledge and skills to not only enrich myself but also enrich the country.


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Hi there. Why did you write the above?

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