Why they said “I wish we had EXP bars so I’d feel more motivated”

What is “ ‘d “ and when we use it please help me

thanhdatnguyen thanhdatnguyenWhat is “ ‘d “ and when we use it

It stands for the word "would" in this case. At other times it can be "had". "I'd" is a contraction, like "you'd", you're, "we've" and "I'm". They are often used with nouns or pronouns and the immediately following auxiliary verb. They are also used for negations, like "isn't" and "couldn't". They are everywhere in speech and casual writing, and they are to be avoided in formal writing. There are many tricks to using them fluently.

Thre is a decent basic treatment of contractions here: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/contractions

Thanks a lot for your response, I know “ ‘d “ is the shorted version of would. But the problem here is I don’t know when we use “would” and why they used “would” in that sentence 😩😩