Hi.Please check me.
1.Timothy ... English at one of the best language schools in the country.
a)used to teach;b)would teaching;c)was used to teach;d)got used to teach.
I chose:a)
2.It is high time Daniel ... playing computer games every evening.
a)stops;b)stopped;c)will stop;d)has stopped.
I chose:d)
3.If you see Jenny,tell her to phone her husband immediately.
a)see;b)will see;c)have seen;d)will be seeing;
I chose b)
4.It is the first time my best friend Georgiana ... by plane
a)travelled;b)travels;c)is travelling;d)has ever travelled
I chose d)
5.She asked herself if she ... New York and Washington DC again.
a)will ever visit;b)had ever visited;c)would ever visit;d)has ever been visiting
I chose c)
6.Both Kate and Jake are keen on ... in the mountains in the winter months.
a)to go ski;b)go to ski;c)going skiing;d)go skiing
I chose d)
7.Unlike my mother,my father thinks that our country house needs ...
a)to be redecorated;b)to have redecorated;c)to redecorate;d)to be redecorating
I chose a)
8.It was during the winter holidays ... Alex visited Bansko in Bulgaria.
I chose b)
9.What ...,Jack?Look at your new T-Shirt and shorts.They're covered in mud.
a)were you doing
b)have you been doing
c)will you have been doing
d)had you been doing
I chose a)


I'm sorry to say that posts like yours may sit unanswered for quite a long time. Here are some suggestions that may help.

1) Post fewer items in each post. You can probably repost this as four separate posts.

2) Leave space in your text, especially after punctuation marks. Don't crowd everything together.

Instead of a)stops;b)stopped; write a) stops; b) stopped;

Instead of 5.She asked write 5. She asked.

3) Leave space between items. Don't crowd everything together.

Instead of

I chose d)
5.She asked herself if she ... New York and Washington DC again.


I chose d).

5. She asked herself if she ... New York and Washington DC again.

If you follow these steps, I'm sure someone will reply sooner.


toffybirisHi.Please check me.

The spacing in your post renders it very difficult to read.

2 - ( d) is not right.

3 - it is impossible to determine where the gap is, but I doubt you picked the correct choice.

6 - ( d) is incorrect

8 - ( b) is not the best

9 - ( a) is not the best.