Our lives are becoming more and more modern.Information technology is developing day by day. One of the most developed is the smart phones. It plays an essential role in today's modern life.

Smart phones have many benefits. It can connect people around the world through social networking sites for instance facebook, instagram, etc. It's a means of entertainment. On the Internet there are so many information about the world. We can exchange learning with friends especially during this pandemic time. In addition to those benefits, smart phones also have their downsides.

Smart phones can decrease memory. Scientific studies have shown that when the body is in radiation for 2 hours, the brain's defences will lose their effectiveness.

Moreover, some teenagers are addicted to online gamesm fall into a virtual state, have a bad view of their surroundings and do unconscious.

Furthermore, it also makes us lose sleep. This is due to smart phones emit lights called blue light that inhibits the production of sleep hormone melatonin and disrupts your circardian rhythms.

In conclusion, smart phones have caused many problems to people. Despite they have some disadvantages, it plays an important role in our life.

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