How do I delete my post? I didn't know how this site worked and I published a post that is here essay.,/English/Add...
I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remove this post because I'm applying for a scholarship and I don't want them to think I copied someone else's

please delete it for me I was trying to post this essay for someone to check before I submitted it, and it was under an anonymous account. However, when I check for plagiarism, it said that my essay is copied from this forum. Please help me. Sincerely.,/English/Add...

Is it by an anonymous poster who wrote about picking and canning fruit?

There are many many errors in the text. Why would you copy it?

Please verify that this is the right post and then I can delete it. There are no replies, and it is tagged onto another user's post.

I recommend that you write practice quite a few essays - ones that you are not going to submit in a scholarship application. Then you can learn about the kinds of errors that you make. If you learn your mistakes from your practice essays, you will not make them in the essay that you submit with your application.

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Please be aware that search engines (such as Google) don't always update their caches immediately when we edit or delete a post on here, so your post may continue to show up in searches for a while. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.