does this make sense:

Internally I groaned while my alarm relentlessly screamed at me to get up; my lackadaisical attitude was not in the mood.


To me, it makes sense because I can understand it, but I don't think it sounds natural in English, especially when you say "My alarm relentlessly screamed at me". Did you mean the alarm clock?

If so, the alarm doesn't scream at you. The alarm is a machine/tool that you use to wake you up. You are the one who sets it and controls its settings including volume, ring type, time, etc. I know that you just wanted to express your feeling by being somewhat poetic. I totally understand it. In addition, I don't think that you meant biological alarm.

You used some new vocabulary that I'm not sure of their usage such as lackadaisical, groaned, and relentlessly.

I'll try to make another version but take the correct answer from the teachers.

"Internally I was torn while my alarm kept ringing to get me up, but my lackadaisical condition didn't help."

anonymousdoes this make sense:

No, because your attitude cannot be in a mood.