The Pokemon Monster Movie is the film I like because it's fun and entertaining.
It’s about the adventure of collecting animals called Pokemon. When the child are 10 years old, they will choose the one of three Pokemon to become a teammate, they can go out and collecting more Pokemon. In the world has two typle of event. The first is battle of Pokemon the rule of battle of Pokemon is every master choose one their Pokemon go out in the yard and they will order Pokemon to attack competitor. When the competitor can’t stand up, they win. And the second is Pokemon perform, every performer will dance and perform their repertoire, the limited to use Pokemon is three. The repertoires are diversity. And the winer with their Pokemon will receive the queen crown.
In the small town, a little boy named Ash is very like the battle of Pokemon. After the day he chooses the Pokemon, he thinks a lot of which Pokemon he chooses. And tomorrow he wakes up late, so he goes to late to the lab. And three Pokemon chose the other masters. After then, Ask receive another Pokemon named Pikachu from Mr. Oak. Athough the first time, they haven’t some beautiful memories, the last time, they become a couple of best friend. They over a lot of difficulties and arrive a lot of another island with their partner. In addtion, they meet some bad people – Team Rocket. Team Rocket include Musaso, Kojiro, and the Pokemon can speak Vietnamese named Nyasu. They usually want to catch Pikachu so they come up with several tricks to catch Pikachu and another Pokemon. But they all fail.
The Pokemon Monster Movie always bring me comeback my childhood, so I very like it!

silver car 79The Pokemon Monster Movie

Are you sure that's the correct name?

silver car 79When the child

What child?

silver car 79 they can go

Who can go out?

silver car 79In the world has two typle of event.

That doesn't make much sense.


I suggest you choose a different (simpler) movie (not a fantasy one).