Nowadays, many people believe that a well-paid job is more essential than one that has a comfortable working environment. I am against the idea that a big salary is much more significant than job satisfaction.

In my point of view, the reason why pleasing to job is important is it can bring various benefits to individuals. Firstly, advantageous will encourage people to show their full capacity. Because potential is only demonstrated in a good mentality that neither strain nor pressure. For example, if the brain works in a pleasant mood, creativity can be shown effectively. Furthermore, a high level of job satisfaction can reduce many negative consequences. For this reason, stress and tension in working have a bad impact on humans. Following the information from surveys, there are a large number of people that decided to resign due to tension.

In addition, employment pleasing also help people make much worth from community. To begin, enterprises are the first figure that received profit from job satisfaction of their workers. Because of a pleasant environment, the efficiency in working of employees can be the fullest. In many cases, the company set up a workplace that can bring agreeableness and gratification to their workers. As a result, its profit increases substantially. Next, there are various values that make for society by job satisfaction. Because, people whose attention is only about money, will become more stressful so that their job are just means to earning a living. To illustrate, a person who enjoy his occupation tend to view it in a lighthearted way and like a resort to make meaningful things to society.

In conclusion, there may be some good reasons why people prefer to choose a job that has a big income. However, in my opinion, job satisfaction is certainly a necessary thing for individuals and the community.

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