Some people would argue that on this day, undergraduate students have too much freedom and do not concentrate on their studies. I completely agree with this view for many reasons.

To begin with, when undergrads come to university they have more freedom and rights. They do not have to endure the management of their parents that make them ignore their studies and enjoy entertainment all time. This is a special issue for the freshmen who go far from home for the first time. For example, college students can be distracted by meetings with friends, parties, or concerts. These activities can put young people away from learning.

Furthermore, there is a range of environmental impacts that come from social life. With the development of social networking sites and information technology, students can easily be distracted by video games, television or other recreational activities. For instance, when I surf the internet for entertainment for a few minutes but then I see the clock, it takes me several hours. It is a waste of time and we do not want to study which is s hard work.

Last but not least, the lecturers do not monitor their students very much. In the past, students must attend all lectures, classes or courses but nowadays students do not have to. They do not have to go to school every day and they just take seminars and pass them. Even if they fail the exam at first they can resit in the next exam. This results in more opportunities for them to spend time on their own.

In conclusion, it is easily said that university students today are spending less time studying than they did in the past as they have more freedom.


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