Are exciting and excited the same or different


All of those pairs behave the same way.

exciting-excited; boring-bored; surprising-surprised; interesting-interested

exciting is an active participle; excited is a passive participle.

exciting is typically a property of experiences. an exciting game, an exciting movie, an exciting trip, exciting music, Playing tennis is exciting, Traveling in a foreign country is exciting.

excited is typically a property of people, describing their reaction to exciting things. Jack is excited about the new action movie. Helen is excited that her vacation is coming soon.



People can be excited about something exciting. The other way round would be wrong.

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Exciting and excited are both participles of "excite", but they don't have the same meaning. You can be excited about the trip with your family going to Disneyworld next week. Excited- is a past participle used as a passive verbal adjective which we commonly encounter every day. i.e. Humiliated, embarrassed, tired and exhausted". Exciting - is a present participle adjective used to describe something, like a roller coaster ride or a bungee jump of a 30-story bridge. Please do not say " I am very exciting about the trip".

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They can be more or less synonymous, but with different wording. For example:

The movie was exciting.

I was excited by the movie.

She's an exciting woman.

I was excited by her.

Don't get excited.

This is exciting, but you need to calm down.